The reality or even the prospect of being unemployed, permanently or even temporarily, is terrifying. It’s incredibly stressful if you have dependents or minimal experience. While the realities of finding yourself out of work are serious and challenging, there are simple things you can do to find your way through it. You might not only improve your outlook, but you may even find yourself in a better situation than before. Here are the top ten ways to find some peace and happiness.

HEALTH-WISE | While money, or a lack of it, may appear to be the number one concern when it comes to unemployment, studies (especially due to the effects of the pandemic) show the real worry is in terms of mental health and wellness. It may be that the daily challenges of unemployment are serious (difficulties paying for basic necessities, isolation, etc.), but the effort to keep a positive attitude and focus on gratitude will keep you healthy and in a better mind frame for success.

  • Be honest | “Acknowledging your feelings can help you heal from the loss and move on.” – There is great power in taking a deep breath, saying the problem out loud and accepting it. Concealing your unemployment from others or denying yourself the chance to grieve will only make the experience harder and the burden heavier. Be honest with yourself and open to others. You will allow others the opportunity to support you and prove yourself stronger than you may have thought.
  • Practice mindfulness | The practice of mindfulness is simple. While there are different practices of mindfulness, the one that will help you through the challenge of unemployment is straightforward. The time and energy that your body expends dwelling on the negative and “what ifs” is huge. Being mindful can be as simple as taking a minute or two every morning to sit still, observing nature regardless of your window view (could be a backyard forest, could be a ray of sun hitting your neighbours’ condos), and steering attention toward the positives.
  • Try journaling | It doesn’t have to be the pink diary variety, a simple notebook and pen will do, and if you feel more comfortable, you can call it expressive writing. Pour out your struggles and stresses at the end of every day, ending with one thing you are grateful for, whether it’s your family, a pet, or the roof over your head. The exercise of writing your frustrations on paper has an impressive therapeutic effect.

LIFE-WISE | Another essential aspect that bears consideration is the effects of unemployment on your relationships. Consider your unemployment as an opportunity to strengthen your personal and professional relationships.

  • Your family | Your unemployment is a difficult time not only for you but for those who care about you, namely your family. With that in mind, make an effort to draw together and support one another during this time. You may not be able to control the situation outside the house, but you can control what goes on inside your home. Break out the board games, family movie night and pancakes on the weekend! View your time at home as a gift allowing you the privilege of quality bonding time with the fam.
  • Your friends | Has it been a while since you last connected with friends? Try reaching out and catching up with a couple of old friends. Your relationships will flourish, and you will have some great distractions along the way.
  • Your business contacts | Regardless of how your unemployment came about or ended, you can always leave on a high note. Write a letter of thanks to your employer for the time they invested in you and the opportunities that afforded you. Send your colleagues an email to thank them for their support and wish them luck. You could even make some calls to your favourite clients to thank them for their loyalty and to say adieu. You will feel good and light about a positive and professional exit.

WORK-WISE | Unemployment is also the perfect opportunity to reassess your work life. Do you love what you do? Do you have a secret passion you want to turn into revenue? What can you do to improve your situation?

  • Your passion | Do you love what you do? 9-5 jobs are great for those who prioritize raising a family at home, but what about if you had big aspirations but settled? Use your time off to consider the possibility of your next job being a stepping-stone to your ultimate dream job.
  • Your abilities | Are there certain post-college credits you could add to your wheelhouse to round out your resume? Webinars, online courses, and local education institutes offer easy access to furthering your skills and even specializing according to interest.
  • Your network | Networking is a worthwhile endeavour. Take advantage of the solid contacts you made while at your last job—touch base, taking a personal interest in their welfare. Mention you are looking for a new opportunity if ever they hear of anything. Word of mouth is the most substantial referral you can get.

Whatever comes your way, think about it as a chance to start anew or find an even better position than before. In the meantime, if things get a little tough, 24Cash is here to help. We believe in supporting hard-working Canadians to build the life they deserve. See how easy and fast an online loan can be. With determination and a positive outlook, you will be back into the workforce in no time.